Bullet Journal: March 2020

Here's march's cover, month calendar and weekly spreads on my bullet planner. I colored all the layouts with Faber-Castell watercolor pencils. Please let me know if you find it useful! And if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave a comment. Emilia

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Bullet Journal: February 2020

Happy Valentine's Day! To color on my bullet journal I normally used watercolor pencils. The pencil strokes allow me to show texture while still providing a watercolor paint effect, the end result is almost magical. With so little effort I can cover a larger area of the paper more easily than typical colored pencils and I don't need that much water to activate the paint so i'ts easier to keep intact the integrity of the paper. . Have you ever painted with watercolor pencil? I want to know! Please let me know if you find it useful! And if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave a comment. Emilia

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Bullet Journal: January 2020

A New Year on my Bullet Planner!     Here's the month of January (Enero ) on my bullet journal! I made these layouts inspired on my daughter's birthday, she turned 6 this year and she loves mermaids. ??‍♀️ I painted all the illustrations on my planner with my watercolor pencils. What's your favorite way to add color to your bullet journal? Brush pens? Pencils? I want to know I made the collage page with the confettis I got from the confetti balloons we used to decorated her little birthday celebration. I loved creating this special memory for my family.

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Bullet Journal: December 2019

December on my bullet journal: I really enjoyed to draw and colored the rainbow snow flakes with my watercolor pencils. I took this idea from a painting my daughter made ?❄ Creating memories for my family is my favorite thing.

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Bullet Journal: November 2019

Here's November's spreads on my bullet journal. I draw the city I live in. Rouen in Normandie, France. Last autumn my daughter brought home from school this poem and she recited it so beautifully that I decided to make it into a collage on my bullet journal

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Bullet Journal: October 2019

Halloween 2019 This month was so fun for my family, Alana (5 years old) dressed as a little witch for Halloween so I decided to draw the witch's house to immortalize this memory. I painted this illustration with watercolor pencils

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Bullet Journal: September 2019

The Beginning I finally began writing on my bullet planner/journal on September 2019. I used it as a planner and as a journal too. I use the monthly calendar spreads to have a record of special memories and events from my family life (like birthdays, outs, travels and events) and the weekly spreads to keep up with everyday tasks (like appointments, classes, buys and other obligations). I decided this organization before I started my bullet jornal practice and I can say with total confidence that it works quite well for me. My bullet journal is my favorite creative outlet. I create unique drawings and illustrations for each month cover layout, month calendar layout and the week layout. I enjoy a lot this process and I store many memories on these pages. ? Here's the fist page I made for my planner

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