Easy Handmade Greeting Cards…let’s do it!

Sending a handmade card is a great way to show your personality and creativity. On this class you’ll learn how to create 3 different handmade greeting card.

Dont worry! you don’t need to be an expert or a skilled illustrator! Just grab your watercolors and let’s have fun!

On this class I will teach you simples watercolor techniques: wet on wet, wet on dry.

I will also show you to make 2 types of borders on your greeting cards so you can achieve different looks. And finally how to used masking tape to create interesting layouts.

I used Pebeo Colorex Brillant Watercolor Inks to give a really beautiful finished look.

Supplies: Watercolor paints, pigment liner pens, watercolor paper, scissors, masking tape, round brushes

Learn to used watercolors to create: simple flowers, color gradients and more!

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