On March 2020 I participated on a Monochromatic Watercolor Challenge. This exercise was really fun and a cool practice to improve my watercolor’s skills. The prompts of this exercise were week 1 mountains, week 2 forest, week 3 floral ans week 4 abstract.

Here’s my participation:

A monochromatic coloring scheme is based on variations of one particular color. Depending on the amount of water and watercolor pigment applied on the paper, the different tints, tones and shades of a single hue appeared in front of my eyes like magic!

The color I used:

Mountains: Indigo
Forest: Sap Green
Floral: Carmine
Abstract: Azo Yellow Medium

On my Bullet Planner I decided to make a collage to frame and treasure this exercise.

Please let me know if you find it useful! And if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave a comment!


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