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I’ve always been a creative person, crafting has always been my greatest source of joy. I am so happy you’re here to share this creative journey! I love to draw and paint. My favorite medium right now are watercolors and watercolor pencils. I was a big ink doodler for as long as I can remember and today I write, draw and color on my bullet planner/journal everyday. I am a big fan of filming my creative process and sharing it on social media I also have a class on Skillshare: Easy Handmade Greeting Card (Mixmedia: Watercolors + Ink)

Bullet Journal: September 2019

The Beginning I finally began writing on my bullet planner/journal on September 2019. I used it as a planner and as a journal too. I use the monthly calendar spreads to have a record of special memories and events from my family life (like birthdays, outs, travels and events) and the weekly spreads to keep up with everyday tasks (like appointments, classes, buys and other obligations). I decided this organization before I started my bullet jornal practice and I can say with total confidence that it works quite well for me. My bullet journal is my favorite creative outlet. I create unique drawings and illustrations for each month cover layout, month calendar layout and the week layout. I enjoy a lot this process and I store many memories on these pages. ? Here's the fist page I made for my planner

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Easy Happy Birthday Card (mixmedia: watercolors + ink pens)

On this quick tutorial I show you how to create an easy handmade card with watercolors and ink pen! you don't need to be an expert. Beginners level. The supplies I used: - Pebeo Colorex Brillant Watercolors Ink (magenta-violet-primary yellow) Yo can use any watercolor paint you have at home- a round brush #6- a pigment liner pen- washi tape (masking tape)- watercolor paper- scissors Please let me know if you find it useful! And if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave a comment Thanks for watching!

Easy Happy Birthday Card (mixmedia: watercolors + ink pens)2020-04-14T15:20:40+00:00


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